SEIS And EIS Tax Breaks Compared


New investors looking at staking some cash in tax efficient Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) can win some great tax breaks. However, the two schemes have some big differences even though EIS is the bigger brother of the SEIS. To help investors compare the two, here are some key points common to both schemes: Employees and

IFS Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong and Beyond


As Asia continues to become a burgeoning global economic force, led by China, thousands of expats are being attracted to the region. The industrial revolution of China and Far East Asia has now clicked into a higher gear, and job opportunities for skilled westerners are plentiful. Now it’s no secret that if you want to attract the best, you have to put together the most

Osborne Drops SEIS Tax Incentive Rule Changes


Only a few days after announcing changes to Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) rules, Chancellor George Osborne has dropped them from the new Finance Bill going through Parliament. Osborne flagged the changes in his Budget 2015 speech on March 18, but has pulled them from the bill because MPs are running out of time in the House before leaving to campaign for the

Skydive Dubai: The Story So Far


Skydive Dubai is now regarded as one of the premier sky diving locations in the world. Adrenaline junkies and thrillseekers from the world over flock to the UAE’s ambitious young emirate to experience one of the most visually stunning skydive experiences out there, and Skydive Dubai continues to go from strength to strength in a manner which embodies everything Dubai is

Guernsey QROPS Locked Out Of Flexible Access

Guernsey QROPS Locked Out Of Flexible Access

Guernsey Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) experts are warning some retirement savers with money in closed schemes may have problems with new flexible access rules starting in April. The rules allow pension savers to spend some or all the money in their funds – drawing the first 25% tax-free and then paying income tax on the balance. Guernsey QROPS

What is Ayahuasca


Ayahuasca is an ancient medicinal plant that has been used by the Amazonian tribes for centuries for spiritual and personal growth. It is also used as a medicine in traditional cultures because of its medicinal and healing properties. Ayahuasca is used as a laxative, hallucinogen, detoxifying agent, and deworming agent. Ayahuasca use is now spreading across the globe and

More QROPS Enter the Market

Despite the Government making a widely predicted U-turn on their decision to extend the UK pension freedoms to include expats with a QROPS in place, the industry still continues to grow. Expatriates are still finding huge value in taking their retirement plans out of the uncertain and constantly changing UK market, and placing them in a more stable overseas scheme closer to

Gerrard’s Liverpool Career Fizzles Out


As Liverpool crashed out of the FA Cup to 15th placed Aston Villa yesterday, it perhaps came as no surprise to most. Liverpool’s big game mentality has dilapidated in sync with the ability of their talismanic captain, Steven Gerrard. Where once, the Liverpool born-and-bred star would single-handedly drive them on, he now warms the bench, gets sent off after 37 seconds in their

For 100% QROPS access, the only way is Malta

Pension Malta

Malta continue to show their determination to remain the primary destination for QROPS, by establishing themselves as the only overseas pension jurisdiction to offer 100% flexibility in the way expats can access their pensions. The country’s financial regulator took immediately to the task of amending regulation in the country, once the Government announced in December that

Video Released of Yet Another US Cop Killing a Suspect


Unbelievable footage has emerged of a shooting by an Oklahoma cop on a black suspect who was the mark in a drugs bust. Eric Harris, a 44 year old meth dealer from Tulsa, was shot at point blank range by a US reserve cop aged 73, who went on to exclaim it was an accident. The shooter was apparently meant to take out his taser, but instead whipped out his pistol, delivering

Police Hunt Aintree OAP Attacker

OAP Attacked at Aintree

Police in Liverpool are investigating the release of a YouTube video which appears to show an overweight man in an ill-fitting suit shoulder barge an old-age pensioner to the floor. The man who has been described as a ‘sad-act’ continues to march down the road triumphantly, apparently in a proud display of his bravery, although most witnesses and viewers around the globe have

The International Financial Advisers Directory – Leading the Way


Financial advice – we will all need it at some point in our lives, but how to choose the right company or adviser? They all say they are the best, most experienced, most honest, but at least one of them is lying about this. Also, if you do happen to make an enquiry (and sometimes even if you don’t), you’re very likely to be hounded to the hills by calls and requests for