More Guns Is No Way To Stop US Shootings

The shoot-out on a Virginia baseball field that left Republican whip Steve Scalise, a lobbyist and two police officers wounded shows how madcap some...


African Babies Born With More Hope In 21st Century

It’s just a stroke of luck that some people were born in the cossetted wealth of Europe and America and others struggle for life...


What Is It With The Russians And Donald Trump?

It’s pretty much moot that the Russians tried to influence the last US Presidential Elections, but the unanswered question is why? The Russian government must...


Russia World Cup 2018 – Stage Is Set For Showdown

The stage has been set for the summer’s showdown spectacle of the soccer World Cup Finals. The big names are all there – including Brazil,...


Kodi TV and Movie Piracy Fight Heating Up

Copyright vigilantes have a love hate relationship with Kodi software that enables pirates to download free movies and TV from the internet. Kodi is the...

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Black Friday Shopping Secrets Revealed

Just because stuff has a Black Friday price tag promising huge discounts doesn’t make what you are buying a great deal. Prices shift up and...

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