Taliban Deny Rumours That Leader Is Dead


New rumours are circulating about the alleged death of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar. The government in the capital Kabul has released a statement confirming that the rumours are under investigation. The information is believed to come from highly-placed figures within the Afghan government and intelligence agency. This is not the first time the charismatic but

QROPS Pensions Explained

QROPS Pensions

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) are offshore pensions that can come with tax and financial advantages for expats. QROPS are pensions that are ‘qualifying’ because the overseas providers report to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) when retirement savers take benefits for 10 years after the start of the scheme. They are ‘recognised’ because they meet a

Every 8 Minutes Migrants Try To Breach Eurotunnel


Governments are failing to come to grips with migrant problem in Europe that is a massive humanitarian crisis in many countries. The operators of the Eurotunnel between France and England have revealed they have combatted an astonishing 37,000 attempts by illegal migrants to reach Britain through the tunnel since January. That includes solo efforts as well as recent night

UK Economy Bounces Back On Track

UK Economy

All systems are go for the British economy as the latest government figures showed GDP expanded 0.7% in the last quarter. That’s bang on economic forecasts and shows an improvement over disappointing growth in the previous two quarters. The improvement is as a result of a better performance in services and growing industrial output. The latest figures come on the back

Froome Rides To Tour De France Victory

Chris Froome

Chris Froome crossed the Paris finish line as the first Briton to win the Tour de France twice after three weeks of gruelling racing. Froome, 30, also won cycling’s showpiece in 2013. He bested Nairo Quintana of Colombia to the yellow jersey by a margin of 72 seconds. The final stage was 10 laps of a 7 kilometre course around Paris. Heavy rain meant Froome won the race

Live The Dream Jetting Around The World For Free


Ben Schlappig is living the dream flying around the world to wherever he wants and staying for at the best hotels all for free. Ben is a hobbyist, a group of switched on technology geeks who have broken the codes and systems airlines rely on to operate their frequent flyer incentives. He reckons to spend around six hours a day in the air and is continually on the move

Electric Car Club Drives Off Towards Profitable Exit


An electric car sharing club has driven off as the first crowdfunded equity project to make a successful exit from the start-up stage. In 2011, the e-Car Club raised £100,000 on Crowdcube. The pitch attracted 63 investors who ploughed between £1,500 and £15,000 into the company. All have exited with an unpublicised ‘multiple return on their investment’ said a spokesman

QROPS Thailand

Thailand Government nears ‘state of emergency’ over demonstrations

Thailand has emerged as a real destination of choice for British expatriates choosing to retire away from the UK. The country certainly has a lot going for it in its appeal to Brits; a great climate, very low-cost of living, idyllic and beautiful surroundings, extremely friendly and hospitable locals, and a number of other prime tourist destinations to visit close by, to name

Chris Ferguson Credence International Dubai


Finding the right financial advice in Dubai can be fraught with difficulty, but it’s such an important aspect of making your time in the Emirate work for you, it’s something you can’t afford to cut corners on, enter Chris Ferguson of Credence International. Ferguson is the CEO of the highly regarded Credence International, a financial advisory established in Dubai to offer

SEIS And EIS Tax Breaks Compared


New investors looking at staking some cash in tax efficient Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) can win some great tax breaks. However, the two schemes have some big differences even though EIS is the bigger brother of the SEIS. To help investors compare the two, here are some key points common to both schemes: Employees and

IFS Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong and Beyond


As Asia continues to become a burgeoning global economic force, led by China, thousands of expats are being attracted to the region. The industrial revolution of China and Far East Asia has now clicked into a higher gear, and job opportunities for skilled westerners are plentiful. Now it’s no secret that if you want to attract the best, you have to put together the most

Osborne Drops SEIS Tax Incentive Rule Changes


Only a few days after announcing changes to Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) rules, Chancellor George Osborne has dropped them from the new Finance Bill going through Parliament. Osborne flagged the changes in his Budget 2015 speech on March 18, but has pulled them from the bill because MPs are running out of time in the House before leaving to campaign for the