Touchstone Advisory Ltd Brings Transparency to Expat Financial Advice

A new financial advisory has been established in the Bahamas that sets out to do things differently. Made up of a small number of established international financial experts, Touchstone Advisory Ltd promises to put the client first – bringing transparency, knowledge and trust to its clients, many of whom have been with the individual advisors on a long term basis.

With a combined experience of almost 80 years working in international finance on behalf of expatriates in a variety of jurisdictions, CEO Benjamin Alderson, Adrian Flambard (Senior Investment Advisor), Bennett Linsky (Director of Client Services) and Stephen Atterbury (Senior Investment Advisor) provide personalised asset management, investment solutions and pensions advice to expatriates across the world. The boutique size of the firm enables a far more hands-on and dedicated approach to each client, and Alderson intends to keep his company personal – choosing only to take on new clients that come with a referral or that seem a good fit for a long term and successful financial relationship.

The reputations of Touchstone’s advisors are based upon a strong track record of success in some of the most demanding cities in the world, such as London, New York and Dubai. These are cities that require a proactive approach to client relationships, with an eye for potential new investment opportunities and availability 24/7. And, as Alderson says, it is the demands of his previous roles that really opened his eyes as to what clients really want, and what they really need. “Effectively, what you find out very quickly is that this job is based upon trust and instinct,” he tells us.

“Trust is based upon experience, and instinct is based upon trust. There are many other facets of course, but from both sides the client/advisor relationship depends upon those. I always know when to call my clients, where to call them, what developments would be interesting to them, when to meet in person, when to email, and when to call. Likewise, they also understand the same for me. This is a working relationship, and I think about each one of my clients as a business partner. It’s crucial to both of us that we think of our relationship in that way…”

Although each advisor with the firm is established individually, as a group Touchstone Advisory Ltd is a relative newcomer to financial scene, and Alderson says this isn’t just related to the fact that the firm was only recently created. “I think we’re new in a number of ways” Alderson continues. “We use innovation and the latest technological solutions to consistently source the best opportunities for our clients, and we’re completely open and transparent about our fees, which we strive to keep as low as possible. But we are also established within the industry too, and with our experience and reputations individually, we have access to unique and potentially rewarding platforms and products that can’t be found elsewhere,”

Touchstone Advisory Ltd specialises in international retirement planning for High Net Worth Individuals (HNMWIs), with expertise in SIPPS, ROPS and QNUPS, as well as asset management and estate planning.

Touchstone Advisory Ltd Brings Transparency to Expat Financial Advice
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