2,200 Brits Held In Foreign Jails

More than 2,000 British expats and holidaymakers are held in foreign jails – including 13 awaiting the death sentence, according to new official data.

In response to a freedom of information request, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a country-by-country list of how many Brits are in prison.

The list includes convicted prisoners as well as those awaiting trial.

The total adds up to 2,205 British prisoners.

The Foreign Office also revealed 13 prisoners are facing execution in the USA, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya and Ghana.

“The British government is against the death penalty and we are doing all we can to stop the execution of any British national anywhere in the world,” said a spokesman.

Drugs and child sex offenders

The Foreign office declined to discuss individual cases or identify those on death row.

The spokesman also disclosed that 887 Britons were held in jails around the world for drug offences – which is 40% of the total number of prisoners held.

The other main categories were child sex offenders (154) and immigration offences (102).

The top five countries holding British prisoners are the USA (540), Spain (247), Ireland (222), Australia (144) and France (104).

“We would warn any expats or travellers from the UK to make sure that they understand and obey the laws of any countries they visit, even if they are only passing through,” said the spokesman.

“Behaviour which is acceptable at home may cause serious offence in another country.”


Britons in foreign jails

Country Prisoners
USA 520
Spain 247
Ireland 222
Australia 144
France 104
Germany 83
United Arab Emirates 82
Thailand 81
Japan 43
Canada 42
Pakistan 42
Philippines 37
Peru 34
India 33
Portugal 31
Italy 27
Jamaica 26
New Zealand 25
Norway 20
Taiwan 18
Turkey 17
Netherlands 16
China 15
Indonesia 15
Morocco 13
Switzerland 13
Trinidad and Tobago 13
Cambodia 12
Greece 12
Belgium 11
Malta 11
Bulgaria 10
Hong Kong 9
Brazil 8
Cyprus 7
South Africa 7
Costa Rica 6
Dominican Republic 6
Ethiopia 6
Total 2068


Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Note: Countries holding five or less British prisoners are excluded from the table

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