pokemon go app

Pokemon Go Hits A Billion Downloads

Almost unbelievably, the video game Pokemon Go has been downloaded enough times for one in seven people on the planet to have a copy. Pokemon International, the company supplying the app, say they have had more than a billion downloads. …

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Average SEIS Tax Break Adds Up To £40,500

Investors pouring cash in to a dedicated scheme for start-up businesses to pick up generous tax breaks. The latest official data from HM Revenue  & Customs shows £189 million was staked with 2,320 fresh start businesses under the Seed Enterprise …

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Windows 7

Windows 7 Closed For Good By Microsoft

Software updates that automatically shut down computers are the bane of most people’s lives. The updates seriously slow down computers while they download and then arbitrarily shut them down when you are often in the middle of some crucial work. …

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time crisis

The Race For A Signature VR Game

The evolution of virtual reality gaming has been somewhat slow. This isn’t true when it comes to pure volume – we’ve actually seen a ton of VR games popping up over the last few years. However, where legitimate progress and …

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