stocks down

Why Share Prices Rise And Fall In A Crisis

The impact of coronavirus on the world economy has seen a dramatic fall in the demand for fuel, goods and services as businesses output less, incomes drop, and many workers lose their jobs. The International Monetary Fund |(IMF) forecasts a …

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woman holding a phone with a covid app

How Do Coronavirus Contract Tracing Apps Work?

Millions of us are worried about the privacy and freedom implications of handing over our smartphone location data to governments. Governments say they need the apps to detect people suffering from coronavirus, but there are doubts about how long the …

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Bolt Out Of The Blocks As A Goal Scorer

Superstar sprinter Usain Bolt has long coveted turning out for Manchester United – and his debut as a soccer player has underscored his dream. Bolt, who shattered world records and won eight Olympic sprint titles in a glittering career, netted …

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