Saipa Pride and Tiba

Saipa to Sell Pride for $14,000 in Venezuela

Mohsen Javan, Saipa export deputy, discussed Iranian car manufacturer’s plans for distributing its famous product, Pride, in other countries. According to this announcement, Saipa will export Pride to Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Egypt and Algeria. “Saipa Group is currently …

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Health Care Costs Rise Significantly in Iran

Health Care Costs Rise in Iran

During the recent months health care costs have been increased significantly in Iran according to the official released reports. This is mainly because of the sanctions applied by the United States and European Union over Iran’s economy. Although these embargoes …

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Iran MP People are Suffering from Seroius Poverty

Iran MP: People are Suffering from Seroius Poverty

An Iranian lawmaker says the people of Iran are suffering badly from serious poverty in the country. He also censured the government for not admitting its responsibilities in these conditions. Mahmoud Ahmadjinejad, the President of Iran, has accused Western countries …

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