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Captain America Bashing His Enemies at the Box Office

Cast, creators and crew of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier” are celebrating as they crush the competition in the films opening weekend.

The Marvel movie raked in a total of $96.2 million this past weekend.

The Winter Soldier also expected to rake in a whopping $303.3 million from foreign markets, with a large percentage arriving from China.

The film, while highly entertaining and providing an array of spectacular visual effects, also covered a number of more serious topics such as politics, trust and betrayal and all the cast, apparently, have done a brilliant job.

Chris Evans, the lead actor of the film, plays a 1940s soldier that was cryogenically frozen and resurrected. Captain America is shown as a leader and a fighter, but comic relief is provided as he struggles to find his way through the modern day and it’s nuances.

The 5-star cast also included Scarlett Johansson, playing the Black Widow, as seen in her performance in The Avengers.

While she has always been portrayed as a physically and emotionally strong woman, this film allowed you to see the character in more vulnerable circumstances, which allowed the audience to relate to the character in a more intimate way.

Samuel L. Jackson, best known for Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, returned as Nick Fury, the director of a top secret organization known as S.H.E.I.L.D. Jackson’s performance solidified the film’s commercial success with a strong command of his character.

In contrast, last week’s number one spot Noah, only made $17 million on it’s opening weekend. However, the numbers picked up towards the second week as the movie earned a total of $72.3 million.

Also on the list are two children’s films, Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Muppets Most wanted, earning $6.3 million and $5.3 million consecutively. They take the 6th and 7th spots on this week’s list.

Below is the top 10 grossing films in North America:

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, $96.2 million, first weekend
2. Noah, $17 million; $72.3 million, second week
3. Divergent, $13 million; $114 million, third week
4. God’s Not Dead, $7.7 million; $32.5 million, third week
5. The Grand Budapest Hotel, $6.3 million; $33.4 million, fifth week
6. Muppets Most Wanted, $6.3 million; $42.1 million, third week
7. Mr. Peabody & Sherman, $5.3 million; $102.2 million, fifth week
8. Sabotage, $1.9 million; $8.8 million, second week
9. Need for Speed, $1.8 million; $40.8 million, fourth week
10. Non-Stop, $1.8 million; $88.1 million, sixth week

Hasan Rezazadeh
Hasan Rezazadeh
Rezazadeh born on 1990 in Tehran. He graduated from the state university of Amir Kabir. He used to study criminology in university and has helped several courts and lawyers. He has also worked for local start ups and his previous articles were published in national publications. Currently he works as a lawyer assistant and Rezazadeh contributes to Pars Herald. City: Tehran Phone Number: +989107193380 Email: Hasan {at} ParsHerald.com Name in Persian: حسن رضازاده

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