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Facelifts On The Way For Google Chrome And Gmail

The latest version of browser Google Chrome comes with a design upgrade that might not suit all users.

Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser.

The new version hits the web on September 4 after months of development and testing.

The most obvious change is a new on-screen feel that inherits the feel of the older versions but is distinctly different.

The upgrade will cover all the current smartphone, tablet and desktop versions of the browser and all operating systems.

The main design changes are brighter colours, rounded tabs and shading to highlight the active tab.

Besides the look and feel, Chrome 69 comes with enhanced security by fully integrating Password Alert to warn when Google access is entered for a malicious site.

Chrome changes

Under the bonnet, the new browser will block third-party software that crashes Chrome.

And at last it’s time to say goodbye to Adobe Flash.

Chrome is dropping support for the ubiquitous animation program by leaving users to request the browser to load the extension after every restart.

Adobe plans to retire Flash by 2020 and other browsers are expected to follow this move.

Chrome is not the only Google update on the way. Gmail has also seen designers tinker with the interface.

Although users can opt to turn back the changes within settings, the latest version drops this option and automatically migrates users to the new settings.

“Any users who’ve opted out of the new Gmail will be automatically migrated to the new experience, with no option to opt out,” said a Google blog.

Snooze control

The deadline for opting out is 12 weeks after the introduction of the new design – which rolled out in July.

The new Gmail version includes some other important changes.

Email users can set confidential mode which will scrub a message from the recipient’s inbox after a set time. Confidential mode is not a default, but a message-by-message setting. The mode can also block forwarding the mail or printing the contents.

Snooze will delay actioning an inbox message until a future date.

“Your email will come back to the top of your inbox when you want it to, whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or this evening,” says Google. “You can find your snoozed items under ‘Snoozed’ in the Menu.”

Farid Shojaei
Farid Shojaei
Farid was born in Tehran but his family immigrated to Germany when he was 7. He finished his elementary and secondary schools in Germany but he returned to Iran on 2007. Shojaei attended the Shiraz University to study economics. A year after he became a volunteer writer of Pars Herald. On 2009 he joined the group in full time. His guidelines for the group were excellent and he was admired by other reporters in the country. City: Shiraz Phone Number: +989356998914 Email: Farid {at} ParsHerald.com Name in Persian: فرید شجاعی

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