James Green deVere Group Profile


James Green is a young, bright financial professional on a mission to bring the industry into the 21st Century. From a very early age Green had a keen interest and passion for business and finance, and it is a passion that burns stronger than ever.

Green has made quite an impression since his early introduction into what is one of the most demanding industries out there – financial consultancy, and his progress has been nothing short of remarkable.

Having gained a BSc Degree in Business Studies at the prestigious Aston University in the UK, Green moved into Wealth Management immediately, albeit as a marketing executive for New Star Asset Management. Nonetheless, it was in this environment that he got a real taste for the industry, and the experience prepared him for what was to become a meteoric rise to the top.

He made the short journey from his London Knightsbridge Green Office to the deVere Group HQ at Hyde Park Corner, where he worked and completed his UK financial qualification and then his international certificates in the space of just six months.


Working overseas was always something that appealed greatly to Green, and his first opportunity came when he was posted to Barcelona in deVere’s Private Client Division. This division takes care of the number of deVere clients who are based in locations where there is no office. Many deVere clients are what you would call globally mobile, ie: their career may lead them to be based in different countries for a short period of time before moving onto the next. It is the Private Client Division that manages these clients.

The Middle East

After a successful 18-month period in Barcelona, he was then positioned in Abu Dhabi in 2011. Since his arrival Green has become one of the most successful Wealth Managers in the region with a number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) that look to his guidance in order to grow their wealth and assets.

It was under two years later that James Green was promoted to become an Area Manager for deVere Group, and he was also tasked with establishing a new office in Doha, Qatar. Doha is one of the growing expat destinations, particularly in light of the huge infrastructure and development projects currently on-going. Being entrusted with developing a financial consultancy in a new territory is quite a responsibility, particularly when it is the world’s leading consultancy, but it is something that Green has been unfazed by, and deVere’s Doha office is a thriving hub of activity under his stewardship.

For Green, the opportunity to bring fresh-thinking and dynamic ideas to deVere’s Middle East operation was firmly grasped with both hands. Despite his success, he has not become complacent. His passion remains his clients’ well-being and prosperity, and his mission is to encourage people to think ahead and get planning for their future.

As he puts it: “Retirement and tax planning has never been more important with life expectancy rates increasing the way they are,” and it’s his mission to make sure that everybody under his guidance will be able to enjoy a long and comfortable retirement.

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