Nabavi: Iran’s Conservative Parties to Unify ahead of Upcoming Presidential Election

Morteza Nabavi, moderate right-wing Iranian Conservative

Morteza Nabavi, moderate right-wing Iranian Conservative, said the hard liner political parties are going to unify ahead of upcoming presidential election which is scheduled to be held on June, 2013. According to his comments, the conservative parties are willing to introduce up to 2 nominees for this election.

“Currently we have two major fronts of conservatives and they are unifying for this election. Base on the approved formula, all the hard liner parties will support only one candidate to increase the chance of landslide. It appears a good idea for these groups and they will guarantee the winning if they succeed to add more members to this coalition.” said Morteza Nabavi, the managing director of Resalat newspaper, when he was questioned about Iran’s 2013 election.

The former Minister of Post, Telegraph and Telephone also talked about Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. “I believe they had roles in 2009-2010 protests. But we should not call them the leader of seditions. The United States and Israel were decision makers in that time and Iranians must not forget their roles. I think Karroubi and Mousavi are only responsible for their activities in 2009.”

Morteza Nabavi also confirms the reports suggest that reformist parties don’t have a notable chance for winning the presidential election. “As we saw earlier they failed to attract votes on parliamentary election and it seems people don’t trust on them anymore.”

Nabavi currently serves as a member of Expediency Discernment Council.  The eleventh election of the President of Iran is scheduled to be held on 14 June 2013 to elect the seventh President. The elections will take place on the same day as local council elections.

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