Nigel Green and deVere Group – Pursuing Excellence


However you measure success, Nigel Green, who heads global financial services firm deVere Group, comes out as a winner.

His dream was not only to establish one of the world’s leading international financial advice companies but to do so on a massive scale and with a view to continuing to put the customer first and to pursue excellence.

The formula must work as Green succeeded in both – the numbers that define deVere since the company was formed in 2002 are impressive by any standards.

deVere Group has more than 60 offices worldwide serving 86,000 clients and the proud boast is wherever a customer lives or works, the firm can provide a local, professional IFA to help them with their financial needs.

Behind the scenes, providing that service needs a team of experts in investment, savings, pensions and tax supported by an army of administrators.

Awards and accolades

These finance professionals manage cash, investments and other assets worth more than $10 billion.

Peer recognition of that success continues to pile up.

Recently, deVere Group has won the ‘2015 Best Independent Financial Consultancy Group – International’ category in the prestigious Business Excellence Awards.

“Our Business Excellence Awards are quickly becoming one of our most popular, with businesses all over the globe eager to showcase the amazing work they’ve been doing to achieve stellar results for their clients while really setting the standards for what can be achieved in their sector,” said Nathan Angell, one of the Business Excellence Awards team

“We’re proud to be able to showcase deVere Group amongst some of the most innovative and committed organisations from across the business world and they can be rightly proud of the game-changing work they’ve been doing over the past 12 months.”

Add to that the praise from Corporate LiveWire 2015 Awards director Leah Jones.

“I’m simply thrilled to announce deVere Group as the winner of Excellence in Independent Financial Advice – Global’,” she said. “The judging panel at Corporate LiveWire has set its sights firmly on the most innovative, ground-breaking and client-focused firms that have transformed the way in which companies and individuals do business.

“Each winner has shown excellence, innovation and strong commitment over the past year.”

Other winners include global brands such as EDF Group, LinkedIn, Google, Deloitte and PwC.

Personal recognition

Nigel Green was also named as the winner of two awards:

  • Ops Business Person of the Year at the FTF Awards in recognition of his tireless campaigning against the controversial US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Maureen Lowe, president of FTF, said: “We had more than 250 nominations and nearly 10,000 votes, making this year’s awards’ season the most competitive FTF has ever seen. To be recognised as the best by the industry is something to be truly proud of”

  • ‘UAE – Gamechanger of the Year (Financial Consultancy)’ at the 2015 ACQ Global Awards.

Modestly, Green refuses to take credit for the Gamechanger of The Year award and is quick to pass the glory to his United Arab Emirates team.

“While I’m thrilled by this prestigious award, I would like to take the opportunity to say: it is not for me – it is for every member of our UAE-based teams for their phenomenal hard work, dedication and commitment to providing a world-class service to our clients,” he said.

Fearless commentator

Nigel Green is also a fearless commentator on events in the financial world and unfairness against consumers.

He utilises his personal blogs and guest postings to showcase his thoughts and opinions about topics as diverse as FATCA, which he feels is detrimental to US expats, and the global threat of an economic downturn in China.

His intense disapproval of FATCA has been frequently aired in public – the latest sideswipe coming in his personal blog discussing the proposed pending ‘same country’ relief of US expats from the rules.

Green is also an advocate of urging investors to ‘China-proof’ their portfolios.

“As events in China continue to evolve, it is highly likely that they will cause increasing volatility in the financial markets over the next year.  Investors should ensure that their portfolios are ‘China-proofed’ in order to properly manage risk and take advantage of inevitable buying opportunities that will come along,” he writes.

As chief executive of a successful multinational brand, Nigel Green is an open target for controversy. Someone, somewhere will always have an axe to grind, but in the end personality, integrity and an unerring pursuit of excellence will always win through.


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