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Norway Tops Global Prosperity List For Seventh Year

Norway is the most prosperous country in the world offering expats high incomes coupled with social freedom, political stability and excellent healthcare, according to a new global survey.

Norway has headed the rankings of the Legatum Prosperity Index for seven years in a row.

The index, researched by the social think tank, scores the performance of the economy, entrepreneurship and opportunity; governance; education; health; safety and security; personal freedom; and social capital.

With seven years of data compiled by the think-tank, Indonesia is the most improved country over the period, rising 21 places in the table as the 69th most prosperous country this year.

Rwanda, Africa, is the second best performer, with a placing at 101 in the rankings, an improvement of 17 places since 2009.

Best and worst countries

Countries that have shown the biggest drops in the ratings are Tunisia, down 28 places; Syria, down 23 places and Venezuela, down 10.

Singapore won top place as the most prosperous economy in the world.

The think tank did point out that Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden and Denmark have unemployment rates that are much higher than those in Britain and the USA.

The top five most prosperous countries are:

  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden

The worst five are:

  • Central African Republic
  • Afghanistan
  • Haiti
  • Chad
  • Burundi

Prosperity is more than money

The Legatum Institute’s Nathan Gamester said: “Prosperity is about more than money. Norway and the other countries topping the table offer people living in them opportunity and freedom to thrive.

“They also provide good healthcare, education and other social benefits, such as a safe and secure environment to live and go about their daily business.”

Gamester explained that the countries holding up the table were failing their citizens because they are not safe from violence and do not provide even basic healthcare and education.

“There places where people are fleeing their homes in fear,” he said. “This year’s index shows this is becoming more common as strife in Africa and the Middle East is a threat to prosperity to nations beyond their borders.”

Download a free copy of the 2015 World Prosperity Index

Mostafa Moradi
Mostafa Moradi
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