Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, SEIS Guide

While the UK government can be roundly applauded for the introduction of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the impact it has had thus far on the British economy, there is still a worryingly large number of entrepreneurs and start-ups – not to mention investors – who have never heard of it.

SEIS was introduced to act as the necessary booster for some of Britain’s most promising start-ups and the economy as a whole. With financial conditions worsening, and banks refusing small businesses the required funding to make a go of it, SEIS as a concept made investing in this important sector practically risk-free, and it continues to do so.

The scheme offers tax-breaks in return for investment at levels which have never before been witnessed on these shores, and high-bracket financiers are chomping at the bit to invest in a qualifying project which takes their interest. There are plenty to choose from too.


The scheme does have a degree of complexity, as anything managed by HMRC tends to have, but it can be unravelled in an easy-to-digest guide from This is a website dedicated to all aspects of SEIS, and we have found their guide to be essential reading in assisting our coverage of one of the most significant pieces of beneficial legislation introduced by the Tories – ever.

The downloadable guide is available as a PDF and contains in-depth information for entrepreneurs and investors. It is a must-have document for investors in 2015, as many look for alternatives to the wavering stock market.


The guide offers information on the following aspects of SEIS for investors:

Income Tax Relief

Capital gains Tax Relief

Inheritance Tax Relief

Loss Relief

Methods of Investment

A Guide to the Process


The guide also offers start-ups and entrepreneurs a detailed guide on how to apply and qualify for funding through the SEIS. For any young business needing funding, it is an essential guide.

You can get a copy of the guide at

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