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Sleeping Partners Sought For Human Hibernation Bid

Science fiction author Joey Wargachuk is seeking to raise $4 million from crowdfunding to pay for an experiment in human hibernation.

The plan is to enter a specially constructed sleeping pod in 2017, go into a deep sleep for 33 years and awake in 2050.

Wargachuk, 33, proposes to test human hibernation research by NASA to the limit.

Now, he is looking at sleeping partners on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo who will inject cash into his dream.

The likelihood of success is uncertain.

No human has ever survived such a long time in sleep – even long-term coma victims.

The issue is muscle atrophy – and finding someone to spend the time looking after his body while he is in suspended animation.

Investors receive a thank you plaque, video or access to the project depending on their level of funding between $50 and $10,000.

So far, one backer has donated $250 to the project.

Labour candidates turn to crowdfunding

Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has raised £100,000 of support for his campaign from crowdfunding.

Thousands of backers have donated an average £25 to his push for leadership.

Other candidates, such as Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, have picked up much larger donations from individuals.

Cooper has £50,000 from Ken and Barbara Follett and Kendall has £10,000 from Lord Hollick.

Between them, they have raised around £120,000.

Portable 3D printing

Fancy printing all the stuff you need instead of going to the shops – then Freaks3D, the world’s first portable 3D printer may be what you need.

Weighing in at less than three kilos and running on a battery, the printer is small and light enough to easily transport and takes up a tiny footprint on a desk or table top.

The printer works by feeding multi-coloured filaments into the print head to produce detailed 3D replicas.

Costing $299, the printer is taking pre-orders through Indiegogo and backers have reserved 177 or 255 available so far.

Fruitful returns

Healthy eating firm Filmore and Union has had a fruitful return from crowdfunding by raising more than £900,000 to open eight restaurant/bars in Yorkshire.

Nearly 320 investors have pledged the money for 22.5% equity in the company.

“The response to our campaign has been unbelievable,” said a spokesman for the firm.

Mahmoud Sarvari
Mahmoud Sarvari
Mahmoud Sarvari studied in Industrial University of Qom. Sarvari attended Pars Herald group on 2008 and he acted a prominent role in distributing and publishing Pars Herald's stories in Qom. After graduation he started writing for local weeklies and some of his entries were quoted by national news agencies. On 2010, Mahmoud was arrested for his political activities but security forces released him after four days. City: Qom Phone Number: +989354582565 Email: Mahmoud {at} ParsHerald.com Name in Persian: محمود سروری

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