Trudeau Wins – Adding Another Minority Government To The List

Canada’s Justin Trudeau has won a second term as prime minister by the skin of his teeth in a federal election – but he becomes one in a long list of premiers who must rely on a political alliance to stand a chance of governing.

With a few results still to declare, his Liberals collared 156 but need another 14 to gain an absolute majority in the 338 seat House of Commons.

Even if he wins the late declarations, Trudeau will still fall short of the 170 seat majority target.

“We seek hardship for none and prosperity for all, and if we unite around these common goals, I know we can achieve them,” Trudeau announced to  cheering supporters after the polls closed.

Trudeau becomes one of a lengthening list of minority leaders.

Unhappy alliances

In the US, President Donald Trump is heading for a hopeful second term, but is a minority Republican in a Democrat Congress stifling his every move.

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces the hapless task of steering his European Union Withdrawal Bill through Parliament with 288 out of 650 MPs to rely on.

A minority government is when a political party does not have most seats in parliament. Under a minority, laws can only be passed with the support of opposition members.

Many countries struggle on with alliances between political rivals that can be made and unmade over years or even decades.

Italy and Denmark are good examples of countries where successive governments have failed to win any where near a majority for long periods.

Countries with minority governments

Other countries with minority governments include:

Country Leader Seats
    Government Support Total
Armenia Nikol Pashinyan 47 44.80% 6 53/105 50.50%
Belgium Charles Michel 52 34.70% 33 85/150 56.70%
Canada Justin Trudeau 156 33.10% 0 156/338 33.10%
Croatia Andrej Plenković 60 39.70% 16 76/151 50.30%
Czech Republic Andrej Babiš 93 46.50% 15 108/200 54.00%
Denmark Mette Frederiksen 48 26.80% 43 91/179 50.80%
Republic of Ireland Leo Varadkar 52 32.90% 44 96/158 60.80%
New Zealand Jacinda Ardern 55 45.80% 8 63/120 52.50%
Portugal António Costa 108 47.00% 31 139/230 60.40%
Slovenia Marjan Šarec 42 46.70% 11 53/90 58.90%
South Korea Moon Jae-in 128 42.70% 0 128/300 42.70%
Spain Pedro Sánchez 85 24.30% 96 181/350 51.70%
Sweden Stefan Löfven 116 33.20% 79 195/349 55.90%

Source: Wikipedia

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